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Chemotherapy, the term that identified the first systemic therapy for cancer was well chosen by founder Ezra Greenspan in 1968 to name this not-for-profit organization as The Chemotherapy Foundation. With the goal and purpose of incubating more curative therapies, the Foundation continues to serve as a launching pad for emerging developments in cancer medicine.

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Building the Bridge between the Laboratory Bench and Oncology Practice

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Back in the days when oncology was a newly recognized specialty of medicine,
Ezra Greenspan's pathway to the future broke new ground in the treatment of cancer patients with combinations of active agents, leading the way to targeted therapies, biologics and discovering the keys to unlocking the potency of immunotherapy.

The Foundation Research Grant Program Provides Startup Seed Money for Innovative Investigators Spearheading Advances in Cancer Therapeutics.

Ezra Greenspan, MD

1919 - 2004
Founder of The Chemotherapy Foundation, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Greenspan was a pioneering oncologist who founded The Chemotherapy Foundation in 1968 and its professional education arm, The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium in 1972, to bring the new developments in cancer therapeutics to practicing oncologists in the years ahead. His goal was the control and eventual cure of cancer. His early work is widely recognized as a forerunner to current progress in combating many types of cancer.

Franco M. Muggia, MD

1936 - 2021
Former Chairman and Medical Director of The Chemotherapy Foundation, Former Professor, Department of Medicine at The NYU Langone Medical Center

Dr. Muggia was a widely recognized expert and thought leader in clinical oncology. In collaboration with the Associate Medical Directors and the Scientific Advisory Council he was responsible for selection of the research projects and investigators funded by The Chemotherapy Foundation. He published widely and lectured extensively in his specialty of gynecological cancers. During the years he headed the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program at the National Cancer Institute he collaborated with Bonadonna, Fisher, Wolmark and other early leaders. With Ezra Greenspan he introduced the first Chemoprevention drug Tamoxifen. As leader of the Gynecologic Oncology Group he chaired the Medical Oncology Committee of the Gynecologic Oncology Group.

Michael G. Rosenberg

President and CEO of The
Chemotherapy Foundation
Founder, President and CEO
PIM Brands, Inc.

Mr. Rosenberg brings his entrepreneurial energies to advocacy of the cancer research supported by the Foundation. While an undergraduate at American University he launched an innovative marketing company, a fledging enterprise that developed into a powerhouse global operation in the confectionery and snack foods industry under his creative leadership. To meet the rapidly increasing demand for healthier snacks, he turned to food science experts in order to bring many varieties of real fruit snacks to the worldwide consumer markets. He currently serves as Chairman of the Washington, DC based National Confectioners Association (one of the oldest trade associations in the nation) and as a key participant in the Partnership For A Healthier America. Michael Rosenberg believes that the business community should contribute to the betterment of health and wellbeing of the public and brings equal zeal to his new role as President of The Chemotherapy Foundation a not-for-profit organization providing start-up grants to investigators seeking curative therapies for cancer. He believes corporate good citizenship requires investment of resources in such activities. Mr. Rosenberg replaces the late Barry Richter as Foundation President and CEO.

The Chemotherapy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable, educational,

scientific organization and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.